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다변량 분석에 의한 돌발성 난청의 임상적 특징과 예후 요인

문석진1,*, 전자호1, 박정엽1, 전병석1, 신종헌1, 여창기1
Seok Jin Moon1,*, Ja Ho Jun1, Jung Youp Park1, Byoung Seok Jun1, Jong Heon Shin1, Chang Ki Yeo1
1대구 파티마병원 이비인후과
1Department of Otolaryngology, Fatima Hospital, Daegu, Korea
*교신저자: 문석진, 701-600 대구광역시 동구 신암동 302-1 대구 파티마병원 이비인후과 전화: (053) 940-7350·전송: (053) 954-7417 E-mail:

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Received: Jun 15, 2003; Accepted: Nov 06, 2003

Published Online: May 31, 2020


Sudden deafness is defined as an abrupt onset of sensorineural hearing loss which develops over a period of hours or a few days and is thought to be otologic emergency that may causes permanent hearing loss and psychologic sequelae if not promptly treated. To investigate the clinical characteristics and its prognostic factors, 95 patients with sudden deafness admitted at aegu Fatima Hospital from January 1995 to December 2001 were selected. Hearing recovery rate was better in the ascending (81.8%) audiogram patterned group than in flat (61.5%), descending (37.5%) and deaf (8.3%) audiogram patterned group, and better in the age group below 59 (61.6%) than above 60 (23.1%), and better in the group without vertigo (68.1%) than with vertigo (23.1%). But there was no statistically significance in hearing recovery rate between the group treated within 1 week from onset of symptom and that group after 1 week. In multiple logistic regression analysis with age, the degree of hearing loss, the pattern of audiogram, the onset of treatment and vertigo, those variable significantly associated with negative prognosis were the descending audiogram pattern, late treatment and vertigo. (J Clinical Otolaryngol 2003;14:249-255)

Keywords: 돌발성 난청; 예후 요인
Keywords: Sudden deafness; Prognosis