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소아 만성 부비동염환자의 아데노이드에서 Mast Cell의 분포 및 탈과립

전경명1,*, 노환중1, 조규섭1, 문영일1, 이병주1, 고의경1
Kyong-Myong Chon1,*, Hwan-Jung Roh1, Kyu-Sup Cho1, Young-Il Moon1, Byung-Joo Lee1, Eui-Kyung Goh1
1부산대학교 의과대학 이비인후과학교실
1Department of Otolaryngology, College of Medicine, Pusan National University, Pusan, Korea
*교신저자: 전경명, 602-061 부산광역시 서구 아미동1가 10번지 부산대학교 의과대학 이비인후과학교실 전화: (051) 240-7330·전송: (051) 248-1248 E-mail:

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Received: Oct 15, 2001; Accepted: Nov 05, 2001

Published Online: May 31, 2020


Background and Objectives: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the relationship between immunologic inflammatory reaction and rhinosinusitis by examine the adenoid mast cell count and its degranulation in pediatric rhinosinusitis patients. Materials and Method: The distribution of mast cells in the adenoidectomy specimens of 36 children with enlarged adenoid without allergy history was studied. Eighteen patients had rhinosinusitis and remaining 18 is control group without evidence of rhinosinusitis. Mast cell were identified on the basis of the metachromatic staining of their cytoplasmic granule with toluidine blue. Age distribution of rhinosinusitis group ranged from 3 years 10 months to 11years 6 months (mean: 6 years 10 months). And that of control group is 3years 11 months to 15 years (mean 6 years 10 months). Results: Patient with rhinosinusitis had 22.4 cells per a high power field (×400) and 10.2 cells in control group. Degranulation cell count is 10.5 compaired to 2.88 in control group. Degranulation analysis confirmed the difference between the two group is significant (p<0.001). Conclusion: In pediatric rhinosinusitis, adenoid mast cell and degranulated cell are much denser than control group. Degranulation of adenoid mast cell release histamine and other inflammatory mediators which might play some role in pathogenesis and chronicity of pediatric rhinosinusitis. (J Clinical Otolaryngol 2001;12:234-239)

Keywords: 비만세포; 소아부비동염; 아데노이드
Keywords: Rhinosinusitis; Mast cell; Adenoid